Private Residence meet Private Resort

You’ve always been drawn to the sea. The ocean waves are like music to your ears. The gentle breezes quicken your heartbeat. And the taste… the salt on your tongue and your lips… it tastes like home.

A fortunate few can celebrate their love for the sea through ownership of a modern luxury residence at Salato in Pompano Beach, FL. With its proximity to the beach, elegant design, gracious hospitality, and generous outdoor space to breathe in the salt air, Salato is designed for those who are born of sea: mind, body, and soul.

A Thoughtful Expression of Design

At Salato, nothing is random. Every bit of design, every piece of material, every service, and every amenity is thoughtfully conceived and executed to blend harmoniously with its overall vision. The result is refined simplicity. Everything you want, with nothing you don’t. The living embodiment of elegance.

Come Home to the Sea

When you think of the ocean, you think of the waves, you think of the sun, you think of blue skies and the beach. And for more than a century when the well-heeled and sophisticated set think of the ocean, they also think of exclusive beach clubs. At Salato, we’ve captured the spirit and hospitality of these timeless beach clubs and present it as an exclusive experience for our residents and their guests.

Pompano Beach

Salato’s location at the corner of Briny Ave and SE Fourth St in Pompano Beach is simply perfection. You’re close enough to the beach to see the sunrise over the ocean and taste the sea salt in the air, while at a far enough distance to avoid unwanted beachfront entanglements.

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