As snowdrifts grow higher and temperatures drop lower, day dreaming about tropical getaways becomes standard everyday thinking. When you consider that many Florida coastal destinations like Delray Beach have an average of 235 sunny days a year, it’s time to action. Although there are many reasons to make the move to Florida, here are our top five reasons to make Delray Beach your home for the winter.

  1. A cardigan is the heaviest fabric you’ll need. Rarely does the temperature drop below 60 degrees, and when it does, it warms up with the sunrise over the ocean. In fact, watching the sunrise from the shoreline is a popular activity all year round!
  2. The only time that you’ll see ice is when it’s mixed into your margarita, and the only time that it mixes with salt is when you cover the rim of your glass with it. You’ll only encounter snow when it’s part of a storefront holiday display, and the only time that you’ll need a shovel is to make a sandcastle.
  3. While the North is snowed in, you’ll discover that the wildlife has also moved south for the winter. We share our sunny skies with ghost orchids, river otters, and playful porpoise off our white sand beaches.
  4. We giving dining out a new meaning….we really dine outside. Many of our restaurants overlook scenic waterways and most have outdoor seating simply because that request is so popular.The weather is perfect for enjoying a few cocktails while eyeing the coastline or watching the yachts sail the Intracoastal Waterway.
  5. The biggest motivator for many people to move to Florida for the winter season is the beach. Instead of miles of snow to wade through, you can enjoy miles of beach to stroll, swim or paddleboard. Gather seashells, stretch out on a cabana, and catch a tan, not a cold.

Warm weather, extraordinary beaches, and all the seaside relaxation that you desire – it’s easy to see why Delray Beach and other Florida locations are hard to resist. Once you arrive, you’ll never want to leave.

Fortunately, Delray Beach is home to Ocean Delray, a boutique collection of world-class residences located directly on the Atlantic shoreline.  It’s the first new oceanfront development since 1974 in Delray, chosen as the most fun small Town in America by Rand McNally. 

A rare opportunity like this deserves the best of the best and Real Estate Developers NRIA and U.S. Construction are set to deliver an exceptional residential offering.  Award-winning architect, Randall Stofft has designed these spacious oceanfront residences with the ultimate luxuries in mind.

This contemporary coastal design celebrates the local environment and lifestyle that exists in symbiosis with its tropical climate and surroundings. To be among the first to learn more about this unique opportunity join the VIP interest list. To schedule an appointment, interested buyers can contact (800) 793-9783. Learn more at